• Getting started
  • Managing events
  • Customizing the calendar
  • Syncing External Calendars
  • Premium version
  • Troubleshooting
  • Displaying your Zoom schedule

    Connect your Zoom account and advertise your Zoom schedule directly on your website. Don’t want to share all your meetings? No problem! Simply choose which ones to display, including recurring ones. Each Zoom meeting on your calendar will also include a link to join the meeting.

    To start displaying your Zoom schedule on your calendar:

    1. Open the settings panel of the calendar
    2. Switch to the “External Calendars” section
    3. Click “Connect” on Zoom integration or “+Add Account” (if you already have other external calendars connected)
    4. Grant the Events Calendar permission to access your Zoom account

    Choosing which meetings to display

    Once you have connected your Zoom account you can choose which meetings would you like to display on your website calendar.

    Following are the two available options.

    Let me choose which meetings to display
    Choose this option if you would like to fully control which meetings are displayed on your website. After this option is selected you’ll see a list of all your meetings. Select the meetings you’d like to display and those will be displayed on your calendar. If you choose a recurring meeting – all the previous and future occurrences will be displayed.

    Note that with this option each time a new meeting is scheduled you’ll need to open the list again and add the new meeting to the list (if you’d like it to be displayed).

    Display all meetings automatically
    If this option is selected then your entire Zoom schedule will be displayed. Meetings that will be scheduled in the future will be displayed as well – no need to make any further changes.

    Free vs Premium version

    In the free version of the calendar, only up to 5 upcoming events will be fetched, and the old Zoom meetings will disappear from the calendar. To update the calendar please click “Sync now” in the settings panel.

    The premium version automatically fetches all the events. Changes made in Zoom schedule will appear on the website within 10 minutes at most. If a faster update is needed please use the “Sync now” button.

    Revoking permissions 

    When you no longer need to display your Zoom meetings you can revoke the permissions given to Events Calendar to access your Zoom account. To do so please disconnect your Zoom account by following these steps:

    1. Switch to External Calendar tabs
    2. Locate your Zoom account and click “Disconnect”