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  • Design Customization

    There are many options to personalize your calendar from the color palette, to font size and style. Lets start personalizing your calendar by accessing the “Design” tab in the Calendar settings panel. We will explain each section of the design tab and how it influences the look of the calendar.


    Presets For Events Calendar Design

    Presets are available to change the design of the calendar to a pre-designed look. Please note that “Site Colors” are only available for Wix users at this time.

    Background Colors

    “Background Colors” refer to all the settings related to the calendar’s blocks and borders. Some of the options also offer an opacity slider which can be adjusted by clicking, holding and moving left or right.

    Design Background Colors Month View

    Borders Colors

    Events Calendar Borders Colors Design

    Text Colors

    Events Calendar Text Colors Design


    The font size can be set for all of the text offered for customization. Once you have set the font size it will be applied to all of the fonts.Events Calendar Fonts Design

    Fonts are only available with Wix platform at this time.

    Date Icon Colors

    Events Calendar Date Icon Colors Design

    “Date Icon Colors” are applied to the date and background in “Agenda View” only.