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  • Color palette and hidden text

    Sometimes the colors we choose for the calendar will hide the description text. If the same or similar colors are chosen in the design tab for text and background, you may see the event as a blank block.

    To test if this is the case, we click our mouse and drag the cursor over the blank area to highlight the hidden text. If the text appears then the color palette is causing the issue.


    Changing The Color Palette

    How do we change the color palette?

    There are a few ways to change the color palette and many different combinations you can use, which can be found in the “design” tab.  

    We have provided great preset color options, which you will see at the top of the tab. Each time you click one of the buttons, the calendar updates giving you an instant preview.

    Further down you will find background (including opacity sliders), border, and text colors with each option related to these areas.

    We suggest having a look at how the different colors will affect your calendar, so go to your design tab and change some of the color options to become familiar with how they work.

    If you have any questions or need more help, please contact our support team, we’re here for you.